General Instructions

  • The choice "Single karyotype parser" allows you to enter only one karyotype.
    • Problematic karyotype example: 46,XX,del911)(q13q24),add(200(q13.2) 19 cells
    • Valid karyotype example: 46,XX,del(11)(q13q24),add(20)(q13.2)[19]
  • The choice "Karyotype batch parser" allows you to batch process karyotypes pre-saved in a file. Please download this sample file to see the format required for an acceptable batch file.
    • Only .txt files are acceptable.
    • Each karyotype should be on a seperate line.
  • Per convention, a multiple-clone karyotype is regarded a valid single karyotype, e.g., 47,XX,+8[25]/47,XX,+21[25].
  • You should not insert any line separator inside a karyotype, especially for long multiple-clone karyotypes.

Please enter a karyotype for parsing!

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